Working Together

Business development and marketing. We’re a team.

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Conversion and Focus

Your highest priority is not traffic, but conversion.

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Better Blogging

Blogging is critical this year as both business and consumer buyers become less interested in hyped headlines, listicals and empty content. Research shows that B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads. If you want your blog to work for you, implement proven best practices. Are you posting at least twice a month? Is a professional doing the writing? Do you have a strategy so all that it supports your business development efforts?

Better Content

Content shock. It’s a thing. Too much talking is driving potential customers away. The law of diminishing returns has effected content. Our time is finite. More information will not make us read, click and buy, but we still have to tell people what our business is all about. To stand out, content quality has to change. Technology has changed. Your competition has changed. The way business (and consumers) find and respond to information has changed. Have you?

Driving the Funnel

Well-structured email marketing campaigns are a funnel for business development. They can keep your pipeline engaged and lead potential customers to an action. Content and consistency is critical. Precisely crafted emails are singular and drive readers to a single point, thought and action. Random emails do not fill a pipeline. Who is crafting your email thoughts? Is there a point—a strategy to the time spent?

Website Design and Consult

Web design is always changing and has moved to a user-centric flat design. This simpler spatial design concept appeals to web-visitors who typically come to a site with something specific in mind. Today’s successful website needs an action from your visitor and in order to do that, the website has to be a journey—a logical flow that leads visitors to a decision-point.

But it’s not that simple. There are drag-and-drop web-dev tools now but that doesn’t mean an inexperienced eye will create a great site. There are many, many bad websites out there that will actually drive business away. Too much clutter. Too much information with no solution. Poorly written content. Design that is hard to navigate. Messages without a story. Not responsive. Oh dear.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around a long time (actually falling in to the traditional marketing bucket) but it has now come of age. Why? Better integration technologies and increased mobile device use has made it faster to implement and easier to read. The big advantage of email marketing is that it is delivered short and sweet; it is inherently succinct and directs readers to a single action. That’s all your readers want today. Get specific and target hard.

Traditional Still Works

Fundamental marketing has not really changed that much because people change very slowly. There is a lot of noise about what companies should be doing, but the reality is that there is no single strategy for every purpose or industry. Small to mid-size localized business can benefit from integrating both traditional and digital strategies. Traditional marketing activities typically involve print, direct sales, tradeshows, referrals, advertising, and publicity.

Hard Targeting

Every potential B2B prospect is convinced that their product, service needs or industry challenges are unique. Unless you can prove to that prospect that your solution solves their specific problem, you may lose the deal to the competitor that can. You can’t be all things to all buyers but you can be the right solution to a large enough group of buyers to successfully grow your business.  Hard targeting tactics require that you implement a smart segmentation strategy. Narrowing your customer focus can attract more buying customers, set you apart from competitors, provide credibility, and make you more memorable. It starts with one of your biggest company assets: your database. Is your database ready to support this very important strategy?

Experience HIghlights


I started my first business when I was 25 to solve a problem I had as a new mother. I designed, manufactured and sold one of the first child shopping cart seats. Yes, that was a while ago, but some things don’t change much like, managing contract manufacturing and learning the art of shelf space war. Read more.

Public Relations

As Client Services Director at a technology PR agency, I managed people, oversaw accounts and grew the business by 60% in my first year. Two main things I learned: every company believes they are unique, and being technically close to a subject does not mean you can write to sell. Read more.

Advanced Technology

As VP of Marketing for the new US division of a UK-based computer speech recognition company, I took the lead in bringing our new software to a technically-receptive US market. It was my first experience with channel development. I traveled often to Cambridge to manage teams on both sides of the “pond”. Read more.

All types of writing – creative to technical.

  • 50 page reports for business and marketing plans
  • Technical documents transformed into marketing material
  • Website and content

It was an efficient and productive experience working with Debbi over the years. Our history goes back to 1997 when we met at a big technology tradeshow in London. I could send her any bit of technical information and she transformed it with her business writing skills into numerous pieces for my agency over the years. Beyond the writing, she was always coming up with other ideas for us to present to clients. And, interestingly, we worked across the country from each other as seamlessly as if we were in the same room.

Jon Williams, Sacramento, CA

Director, Mackman Agency

Web Updates & Content Overhaul

  • Created/ presented new ideas and marketing strategy
  • Leverage existing to bring in more visitors and donations
  • Website and content – major updates
Debbi worked with us on new business development and marketing ideas that would stimulate growth for our 26 year old nature park. She presented those ideas at our recent board meeting and is now continuing to help us implement those ideas. Her broad level of experience helped us visualize the big picture and implement the finer details. Roger Alink, Edgewood, NM

Founder/Director of a wild animal sanctuary in Edgewood, New Mexico


I call myself a pragmatic marketing consultant. I’ve been a business development and marketing management professional for more than 20 years. I have started two small businesses, worked with tech giants as well as startups and public relations agencies. My experience includes consumer products and professional services but mostly, advanced technologies and business productivity applications. Today, I help small to medium size organizations develop strategies and implement projects that re-define brand and identity, result in business growth, and/or improve customer relations.