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Killing Vampires

This week, I started revisiting my 1997 album Closed on Account of Rabies which features Edgar Allan Poe poems and stories interpreted and read by Jeff Buckley, Marianne Faithfull, Christopher Walken, Debbie Harry, Dr. John, Iggy Pop, and others. I found it by accident years ago in a reduced bin at some obscure record store. Ralph Steadman contributed the cover art and I’ve always been a fan of his extraordinary work.
And speaking of stories and people from the dark side: I posted on my private Facebook page that I loved Halloween with a photo of me and some friends at a party. I was dressed as a hippie (never was one but I endorse their general philosophy).  A man – a very distant man I barely remember from high school, except of a memory of being raped at his party by one of his friends, made a comment on the post.  A few of his social media comments prior made me believe him to be free of the uninspired and judgmental idiocy common these days in people who tend to just follow instead of think for themselves (often thought of as a Hollowman)…

His comment on the Halloween picture simply said, “Yeah, well…”  Since he is a close friend of my ex-husband (blocked ages ago) I knew that he wanted to continue – “Yeah, well that’s because you’re a witch.” LOL. Interesting, because I know my ex has told all kinds of stories about me but we all know there are at least two sides to every story.  So, I blocked him – no loss to me.  If someone judges you based on one side of a story – they are not a friend – not worth your time. A few years ago I stopped contact with people like this – and if you don’t, you should. If you are a happy positive person (or want to be) –  rid yourself of those who want to bring your life down to their level.  My life has drastically improved in every way after leaving the dragging negative influences that held me back for years. If he thinks I’m a witch – it may seem that way to him because I’ve had to remove a few vampires from my life.