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Jackson and the Rat

Jackson says he was “something” back then and likes to claim those were the better times in our world history. He walked tall in the streets of Chicago. Men walked wide around him and women hung on his shoulders like worn out suspenders. He never loved any of them but enjoyed their sagging comfort and usefulness (the women and the suspenders!).  He says he was happy back then, but now complains about things of little consequence. He wonders, did he just get old? Is it just that simple? Did he lose this audience? Or did he ever have one at all? He wonders if he dreamed it now. Yet, a saxophone still stands in the corner of the back bedroom.

From my series: Now Playing
Buy from Gallery:  Feminine Mystique Art Gallery, Tubac AZ


Jesika starts fires. Fires of the heart are her special brand of self-consolation. Fire is a distraction—a compromise of her soul and she doesn’t blame herself for the outcomes. How could she? It is simply circumstance – happenstance in her mind, a deserved outcome as she finds herself unable to face her fears. She had been told to be mindful, but doesn’t believe silly words bent on changing her methods of simply surviving. Beware. On the outside Jesika acts resilient to the world, but her inner monster hides and is full of surprises for all.

Another excerpt from my latest book. The story begins with a fairy-tale of familiar tone, but with a twist.