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A Taste of Chapter One

Here is a taste of the first chapter of the first book in a 5-series in the genre of adult urban fantasy. It is a mixture of journal entries, narration, and artwork—full page sketches I’m creating for each chapter.

In memory of the year 1994, who died peacefully in its home located at what was previously the end of a disastrous 1993 and the culmination of 3.37 years of glory days with Jon. Sara likes to think of those days that way. Glory days. The days of tequila shots and hours of lavish sweaty sex. Those years were transcendent—intoxicating. Ecstasy can only be experienced not described; it is not merely living, it is seeing death because it demands the fear of giving everything of yourself to someone—like standing at the edge of a cliff waiting for the wind to sweep you off—and knowing that eventually, it would come.

Where is man?

I am not sure why I paint these types of images lately except that I want to. If I wanted to sell more art, I should be painting landscapes and sunsets.

The query: “At Auschwitz, tell me, where was God?”
The answer: “Where was man?”

On June 10, 1942 Nazis had killed nearly all the residents in Lidice village. It was done as a reprisal for the assassination of Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich. A group of 82 children were gassed at Chełmno, a town that housed a Nazi concentration camp set up specifically to carry out ethnic cleansing through mass killings — even of children.  Children taken from families…there are no more words for evil than this. A bronze sculpture by Marie Uchytilova in Lidice, Czech Republic commemorates the children.  See that below.

Learning to Fly

Getting ready for a show at the end of November. A few new pieces but lately I’ve been concentrating on the book. This one – Learning to Fly is an old favorite I did about 10 years ago. The original is sold but I’ve decided to release it again in print.

She Was Your Thrift Store Couch

She is his thrift store couch

A recent project on Electric Lit, a favorite place for inspiration in art and writing, is a post from Kelly Link who asked her followers to describe their writing project as a couch. Ha!  I’ve done that already in both art and writing so I will share. The digital art was created from an essay I wrote fifteen years ago but recently dug up and incorporated into a book in process.  Here are a few excerpts from a chapter in the book titled – A Lot Less Chaos.

From the Archives

I was asked recently about by work and how I got to this place and time. Here is a tiny bit more but much more is coming in book form later.

Born in Colorado. Road-tripped 45 states and lived in 7. Most of my life was spent in California from the OC to the Bay Area, Los Gatos and Carmel. VP career in technology – then started my own PR firm. That went bust in the dotcom crash. As always, I picked up and kept going. Been involved with so many things it’s hard to remember them all but I learned so much from each and every one. It is true there are no failures – just a rich tapestry of experience.

I have been bent and broken, but I hope into a better shape.
(Charles Dickens)

The art above is one of my favorite early works. I called it Old Order.