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Jesika starts fires. Fires of the heart are her special brand of self-consolation. Fire is a distraction—a compromise of her soul and she doesn’t blame herself for the outcomes. How could she? It is simply circumstance – happenstance in her mind, a deserved outcome as she finds herself unable to face her fears. She had been told to be mindful, but doesn’t believe silly words bent on changing her methods of simply surviving. Beware. On the outside Jesika acts resilient to the world, but her inner monster hides and is full of surprises for all.

That reminds me of a story I wrote – a fairy-tale. Here is an excerpt.

All that Glitters

There was a beautiful young girl that lived with her mother. They lived on the fringes of a city full of dreams and wealth (or so the rumor had it). Her mother was a hard worker who designed and crafted fine clothes for the wealthy clients of that city of dreams. The wealthy paid her only a fraction of her worth but well enough to provide the girl some finer things of her desire. The mother made her a bedroom fit for a princess with the extra fabric from the fine clothes and even exchanged her services for fine objects of glass and pearl to give to her daughter. Although the objects never seemed enough, the mother continued to try to please her daughter by working harder in a world that was getting darker. But her daughter didn’t notice such trivial things of the working world. She believed her dreams were bigger and better deserved.

As the young girl grew she starred longer and longer out her second story window above the glittering street below in the house that was not quite fine enough. The girl began to desire the things she saw. She wanted the jewelry that sparkled around the necks as the pretty girls walked by, the soft leather bags they carried, the cars, black and shiny. She wished to dine every night with a prince that would take her to the grandest restaurants and drink wine from the hidden cellars.

The girls father did not live with them. Her mother had sent him away many years ago as he was a lazy man with no dreams at all.

To be continued in The Book of Memory – Monsters and Angels (coming soon) …