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I paint and write things.

What’s coming up?  Some art, excerpts from a book I’m writing. It’s taking longer because the ideas are like tenticles that move me in more interesting directions. This site is my new website. I have had the website: Live Laugh Roll for 7+ years and managed to get quite a few followers related to my travels and the retreats I was doing for a while. The old site (and a few others I have) has been shut down in an attempt to simplify my life and concentrate on the art and writing. I am also a business consultant and you can find that info at Bowie Fox.

I’m in a gallery again – so I’ll be posting those developments. Also coming: Writing and artistic book making. I have been writing for 30 years. Much of that has been business related – in fact, technology business related.  Not sure I can explain how tired I am of writing about driving digital disruption, actionable analytics, microservice architecture, or whatever the latest buzz words are … zzzzzz

About the writing: I believe it was serendipity. Something happened 5-6 years ago. I was at a legal hearing — I was a witness in a business matter …  We were sitting at a table in a court room with a bunch of people waiting their turn. The judge asked me a few questions about my work (I said, ‘writer’).

“What do you write?” he says.

“Boring stuff mostly – business and ops information, hr packages, on-boarding docs, marketing copy …”, I shrugged bored with the definition of my own response.

Finally, we were all done and excused by the judge and filed past him like a heard of cows. As I passed him, he spoke to me – the judge was saying something. I turned toward him and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.”

He smiled and repeated his words, “I think you should write something else.”

OMG. The judge had personal advice for me!  A random comment that mattered to me more than he would ever know!  His comment came at just the right time in my life.  Sort of an unofficial mentor. And no, I really don’t think that was a flirt – why would he bother? I was walking out of a court room never to return, not sitting at a bar alone staring at my Caribbean Martini. Besides, I am well over the age of incoming random flirts.

The bigger story is that soon after this court experience, I bought a tiny trailer and traveled by myself for over a year. I called the trailer the writer’s retreat. A little trailer seemed like a good place for me to start a big life change, partially because I am an introvert. No, that is not a mental illness – it’s just a personality type I’ve had to learn to manage in a world full of extroverts, magniloquent engineers, close talkers, drama queens, spectrum 10 narcissists (particularly back-stabbing females), and outright borderline psychopaths.

And so, I paint and write and control a business from home as a consultant with 2 or 3 contractors.